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New Patient Center

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

When you come in to Westmount Chiropractic & Massage, you’ll be greeted by our receptionist and asked to fill out our new chiropractic patient paperwork. This paperwork is also available online by clicking here, so you can print it and fill it out before your arrival.

You’ll then be welcomed into an examination room where Dr. Latch will go over your medical history with you and do a combined orthopedic-neurological-chiropractic exam. This exam serves as a baseline for Dr. Latch.

Taking the Time to Talk with You

Dr. Latch will discuss with you what he thinks of your condition based on your medical history and the exam. He’ll suggest treatment options, frequency and for how long you would need to come in in order to get back to health. Dr. Latch prides himself on his understanding of when to adjust and when not to adjust. He promises to find the best treatment option for you.

Dr. Latch also takes the time to educate his patients on what chiropractic is, how it can specifically help them, and what their plan is after they get out of pain. (That is, what their plan is for maintaining their healthy spines.)

If Dr. Latch doesn’t need to see an X-ray of your spine and you give your consent to care, he will perform your first adjustment on that same day.divider

The Importance of Maintenance Care

You go to the dentist every year, why not love your spine the same way you love your teeth? Dr. Latch has happily become many of his patients’ primary doctors. He has helped them out of pain and now helps maintain them at their peak level of health. He often counsels his patients on exercise and nutrition in addition to spinal, nervous system and muscle health.

Dr. Latch is always open to his patients’ questions and to discussion. Your understanding and health is extremely important to him. If you want to be healthy, he will do everything he can to get you there — and keep you there.

Change your life around—get healthier and stay that way!

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