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Reviews for Westmount Chiropractic & Massage

At Westmount Chiropractic & Massage we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Highly Recommend

Dr. Latch is friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this clinic!

~Amy K.

Best Chiropractor

Dr. Ron Latch is by far the best chiro I have ever had in Alberta. Very knowledgeable and accurate.

~Shawn C.


Fantastic! Not like the last assembly line chiro I had before in Edmonton.

~Pamela P.

Answer to My Prayers

This clinic is an answer to my prayers and will be recommending to the people in my circle. ~Laurie D.

Amazing Chiropractor

Dr. Latch is a wonderful man and an amazing chiropractor. He always explains things to me so that I fully understand what he is doing. His ability to treat my pain is amazing and it has been more effective for me than physio therapy. He was the first chiropractor that I have seen and from this experience I would not go anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr Latch. ~Stephen S.


Dr. Latch is very thorough. He listened to what my concerns were and developed a treatment plan that actually worked for me. Highly recommend him. ~Annette F.

I Would Absolutely Refer This Practice

I went to this office on a referral and because of the convenient location. Also, I was in terrible pain from a back injury. Dr. Latch was very professional, helpful, and ready to make a plan to get healthy. My experience with Dr. Latch and his staff has been exceptional. I would absolutely refer this practice to anyone looking for help with any issues they are having in regard to body aches and pains. ~T. F.

Explained Everything

I really liked how the doctor explained everything very well not only about my back, but also about overall health and what somethings are that needed to be changed in my lifestyle. It is nice that he asks if what he is doing to your body is too much or if it is tolerable. I also like how he checks everything every appointment not just the problem areas or the areas he worked on the previous visit. ~K. B.

Very Professional

Very professional and a enjoyable experience. Will definitely recommend and look forward to a long relationship with this practice. ~J. B.

I Feel Great

Great experience! I was having some chest pain issues, and now after few visits I feel great! Thanks Dr. Ron! ~G. P.

Highly Recommend

Dr. Latch and his staff are so wonderful. He has been very helpful with many of the issues I have. I highly recommend this clinic. ~R. L.


Originally I was unsure about chiropractors so I had never made an appointment. However about a month ago my fiancé began going to Dr. Latch and advised that a go in for a consultation. I did and it was outstanding, Dr. Latch is very informative and explains the whole process to you as its happening. Originally I was nervous, but his clear knowledge and love for his job makes me very comfortable. I would definitely refer Dr. Latch to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Not to mention all the staff are very friendly and accommodating. ~B. J.

Excellent Doctor

Dr. Latch is an excellent doctor. I can feel that he’s very compassionate to his patients and committed to his profession. I was very satisfied and happy with the services I received. I won’t hesitate in recommending him to my friends and relatives. Keep up the good work Dr. Latch! ~R. R.


Dr. Latch and his wife are very knowledgeable and helpful. Wonderful to have a chiropractor and massage therapist in the same office. ~S. W.

Helpful and Friendly

You guys rock at Westmount Chiropractic. You are all very helpful and friendly, do keep it like that! ~ S. K.

A Safe, Friendly Environment

Dr. Latch provides a high standard of care in a safe, friendly environment. He combines gentle, effective chiropractic treatment with a relaxing, effervescing personality. Medicine for the heart as well as the back. ~ R.F.

Back and Hip Pain Gone

I have been a patient of Dr. Latch for many years. I first came to him in great pain with my back and hip. Now, at 75 years I am very active thanks to Dr. Latch. ~ P.T.

Relief from SI Joint and Lower Back Pain

I began treatment with Dr. Latch because of recurring pain in my SI joint and lower back from an injury a number of years earlier. After seeking the care of physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, and other chiropractors I had never been able to find lasting relief. Now after some regular treatments with Dr. Latch, I am pain free and able to enjoy life to its fullest. I still need a “touch up” from time to time but seeing Dr. Latch regularly has allowed be to become more active and not limit myself because of pain. His clinic provides excellent support and his availability makes getting care in “an emergency” possible. ~ E.H.

The pain in my back has subsided

I have had constant back pains for as long as I can remember. A friend suggested I see Dr. Latch. This was the best thing I could have done. Dr. Latch is truly committed to his patients well being. I continue to see Dr. Latch every couple of weeks and I have noticed a huge change. The pain in my back has subsided and overall I feel so much better. The staff at Westmount Chiropractic & Massage are always so helpful and offer a very personable experience. ~ S.T.

Migraines Decreased!

I first sought out chiropractic care because I have suffered from migraines since I was 9 years old. I also have TMJ, which causes a lot of jaw pain. I was hoping that receiving treatment for my back and neck would reduce my pain and how often that pain occurred. My migraines have decreased since going. My first experience with Westmount Chiropractic & Massage was a great one, and has continued to be.Read more…

Heather, the receptionist, is a pleasure to deal with. She is always friendly when I come in or when I call. Dr. Latch is always kind and takes great concern in his patients and helping them reduce pain. When I have concerns or questions about treatment he takes the time to explain it so I understand fully. He doesn’t force any treatments on his patients and if you are still unsure about a treatment he will wait for you to look into it and feel comfortable with it. I greatly enjoy going to this office for treatments and to see the friendly staff there. I believe getting chiropractic care plays a large part in the reduction of my pain. ~ M.L.

Twenty Years of Reliable Care

I have been a patient of Dr. Latch for more than twenty years. I find his chiropractic clinic to be efficient and reliable. The orthotics he recommended have helped me a lot with my job as an electrician. I found that I have less fatigue at work because of the orthotics. I have been using the orthotics for at least fifteen years. ~ R.B.

Dr. Latch is so kind

I love going to Dr. Latch’s office! The receptionist Heather is wonderful, the atmosphere is comfortable, and Dr. Latch is so kind. Dr. Latch gives thorough examinations while explaining what is going on. I appreciate how appropriate he is with female patients, and I love his relaxing humor. Going to the chiropractor is always a relaxing experience at Dr. Latch’s office. ~ M.F.

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