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Improve Your Foundation with Custom Foot Orthotics

The foot is the base on which your whole body is grounded so if you have a good base there’s less chance of having wear and tear on many other areas of your body. With new technologies and materials, orthotics can now be comfortable and supportive. In the past hard rigid plastic orthotics were used. These were uncomfortable and didn’t allow the foot to move. The foot must move to absorb energy and shock. Orthotics can be an important part of ankle, knee, hip and back therapy and rehab and the prevention of injury to these areas.

Enhance Performance

One company I deal with is Foot Levelers, which makes orthotics with anti-fatigue mats built right in to support the foot and reduce fatigue. There is a study of golfers playing just nine holes of golf but using orthotics, even if there wasn’t a problem with their feet. With orthotics, they would gain 3-4% club head speed, and the ball would travel another 45 feet longer per drive.

A lot of people spend money on clubs, lessons and balls, but the human body is the most important piece of equipment we have. In that study if the golfer had flat feet or had problems with their feet the person could gain up to 10% club head speed and the ball would go even farther. In the same study, it showed that a person’s blood pressure dropped 14 points, and heart rate dropped 12 beats per minute just walking on the grass playing nine holes of golf wearing orthotics and not even carrying anything.

Orthotics could also make a big difference to someone who works standing on cement or hardwood or someone who works on a ceramic tile surface in the home.

Burn More Energy

Another study looked at how you consume your energy. In this study, people who didn’t even have problems with their feet used orthotics. The study revealed that their oxygen level energy was 10.2% more efficient, and they were moving much more efficiently. When you have less wear and tear on the feet, less energy is expended so you have more energy for other things.

Get Custom Fits and Styles

In my clinic, I use a 3D laser scanner to look at the bottom of the foot and assess it to design a custom pair of orthotics. You need to support your foot which can alleviate a lot of other problems. When you purchase orthotics, make sure you have a good warranty. Many companies don’t offer a warranty at all. The average warranty is three months. The company will remake or reshape the orthotics, but they don’t offer a money back guarantee. The Foot Levelers warranty is a one-year warranty, and it comes with a money back guarantee.

Orthotics come in different styles and surfaces. If your feet tend to sweat easily, you can get a kind that wicks away the moisture. It can stay warm in the wintertime and cool in the summertime. Orthotics can also be made for ski boots, work boots and other types of footwear.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can create custom orthotics to improve your foundation, give our office a call today

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