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About Us

About Westmount Chiropractic & Massage in Edmonton

Care for the whole family at Westmount Chiropractic & Massage

Dr. Ronald Latch began practicing in 1979 with a simple mission: to help as many people in Edmonton and as possible. In addition to chiropractic care, Dr. Latch’s practice also offers cold laser therapy and massage therapy.

“My most successful patients want to take care of themselves, and use me as a resource.”Dr. Ron Latch

Taking Care of the Full You

We don’t just focus on your spine or only relieving your pain.

At Westmount Chiropractic & Massage, we take every part of you into account to determine how your unique physical and emotional stressors affect your body. We’ll also discuss nutrition and exercise as a way to increase and maintain your best health.

Dr. Latch sees a wide range of patients, including families and acute care cases. For those in pain, he will provide treatment on the first visit. Whether it’s pain or wanting to live a healthier life that brings you to Westmount Chiropractic & Massage we are here to listen to you and help you.

For so many of our patients, pain is what brings them in the door. Dr. Latch first relieves their pain and then helps them reach their health potential through chiropractic tune-ups, good nutrition and exercise.

dividerPediatric Care

We are a family practice. Dr. Latch often does spinal checks on children to ensure they are growing in the proper alignment. Our massage therapists often work with children, especially babies. Massaging babies helps them thrive and gain weight.

Seeing the whole family together is also a great time to discuss nutrition and eating healthy!

A Warm Environment

Dr. Latch is proud of his staff of three massage therapists and two receptionists. When you come into Westmount Chiropractic & Massage know that you are going to be cared for by a community of professionals who love what they do, are easygoing, and serious about health.

We pride ourselves on making sure our patients are satisfied with their care and experience at Westmount Chiropractic & Massage and we are always open to suggestions!

Experience a health care environment like you never have before, and let us get you out of pain and back to health! Contact our office today! We’d love to hear from you. (780) 453-5751

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